Hygienic cladding is fast becoming a popular choice whether is plain coloured sheets that can be thermoformed (Heat and bent in and around corners) or imprinted tile affect sheets with trims. The cladding sheets can further enhanced by vinyl ceiling planks to give that slick look. 

The benefits of hygieinc cladding over ceramics is that it is far quicker to install, easier to keep clean and looks new for years to come. Tile grout isn’t as impervious to water as much as people think but the main issue is that in a short time your grouting will look old. In most cases, if your old wall tiles are sound and bonded to the wall well we can simply go over old tiles with new 2.5mm thick hygienic cladding. We also install 10mm decorative shower panel boards but these will need the old tiles removing first. The 10mm shower panels cannot be thermoformed.