About Us

The company started in 2003 and since then, Sterling has grown into a company that has an excellent reputation for quality of workmanship and professionalism in Hygienic cladding installations. In fact, most of our work comes from repeat customers and from recommendations. With our flexible approach and speed of installation (Without a trade-off on quality), we have become very popular working with main contractors and homeowners expediting projects with the minimum of fuss. We have now started installing internal wall cladding in the domestic market in bathrooms, shower areas, laundry/utility rooms, garages etc etc. Some of the cladding we have installed have imprinted patterns on the sheets like marble, wood and tiles. 

We have experience in working in Schools, Universities, Restaurants, Airports, Hospitals, Shopping Centres, Factories and the complete domestic market.

In fact, we are an installer of Hygienic cladding for McDonald’s Restaurants. Installing cladding in over 400 of their Restaurants.

The services we offer:

Sterling provides thermoformed hygienic cladding solutions to a wide spectrum of clients both Commercial and Domestic. (Thermoforming is the heating and bending of the cladding sheets to go in and around external and internal profiles)

These works can be carried out during the day where the clients business allows or out of hours so there is no down time. We liaise fully with clients to agree the best program of installation.

We work closely with the client in all parts of the project. Whether it’s providing Risk and Method statements, contingency plans or simply expediting the project efficiently to allow other trades to follow up after the installation of the hygienic cladding sheets.